Let's Play, Album, Motorcycle, and Other News!

Post date: 31-Aug-2013 18:04:38

Is currently being uploaded to youtube! It should be available at around 7PM EST (uploading takes forever). And even though this LP is not getting very much attention, I'm going to go ahead and finish it out. I'm not sure how long Shadowrun Returns is exactly, but I can't imagine it'll take too many more episodes to finish this beast up. Certainly less than 20.

In music news, A More Perfect Union is almost complete! After I finish up the last few tracks and make a few small corrections throughout, I'll be finalizing the artwork, taking PR photos, and beginning work on an actual live action music video. I also have an exciting collaboration in the works for one of the tracks! I'm really excited about this collaboration, and I think it's going to turn out pretty awesome. Finally, I'm planning on re-purchasing the domain oneclipleft.com so the URL to this website isn't all crazy like it currently is. Dang Google Sites, get on your game!

You might have noticed that I've paused work on my motorcycle (see this post). Well, this is because I don't have any extra money to spend on parts right now, and there's not much else I can do with it for now. I'm currently attempting to buy 7 acres of land outside of town. If that deal goes through, then I plan to build a small house on it so I won't have to keep paying rent forever. And what happens when you don't have to pay rent anymore? Extra money for motorcycles! Booya.

And, the news you're probably actually waiting for...I plan to resume work on RTA 3 fairly soon! As long as Morrowind cooperates like it used to then I'll be glad to get back to Reynaldo and Lil' Rey. I think I have complete scripts for all the remaining episodes except for the very last one. But, I'll be sure to write that script out before I start capturing footage to avoid the Season 2 problem. Here's to hoping that this nearly 3-year hiatus will come to an end at long last!