OCL Devblog #6 Abby's Song

Post date: 12-Feb-2016 02:10:22

It's been awhile, but here's a brand spankin' new update for Abby's Song! The game is coming along quite nicely, especially considering I'm back to working full-time. Check it out!

Change Log 2/11/2016

Created 2 textures.

Minor bug fixes.

Improved light maps for living room.

Improved light maps for kitchen.

Created light map for hallway.

Created light map for office.

Created light map for basement.

Created light map for bathroom.

Added playable Abby's bass guitar.

Added decorative items to 5 rooms.

Added more endgame content.

Improved controls.

Created foreground layer for depth.

Added flushable toilet.

Added filing cabinet with papers.

Fixed static when looping title menu music.