Potentially Useless Proverbs (From The Discordianist Manifesto)

Post date: 09-Sep-2018 02:42:57

Potentially Useless Proverbs

Yea, so I say unto you, go ye to the house of my brother. There ye shall find my brother there.

Seek not to be listened to, respected, or even understood. That’s their problem, man.

When in doubt, double down and doubt harder. When not in doubt, get in doubt!

Every man-made object now exists to advertise a different man-made object.

It’s never too late to change your mind (unless you’re dead or comatose or something).

If a lie rhymes or alliterates, people will both believe it and spread it as Truth.

Regardless of whether something is considered True or False, it may always be made irrelevant.

If something cannot be made irrelevant, it can always be made irreverent.

If something cannot be made irreverent, then it cannot be made.

The only thing one truly must pay is attention.

Getting bent out of shape is impossible. No matter how you bend, you are always in a shape.

If you make a comprehensive list of all the things you can’t do, the first item must be “Make a comprehensive list of all the things I can’t do.”