(ab)Useful Release Date!

Post date: 18-Jul-2015 05:04:47

(ab)Useful will come out on 08/26/2015 (my 30th birthday, haha!) and it is the best album I've recorded to date. I hope to outshine it on the next one, but we shall see. Until then, keep enjoying the 4 single tracks I've released on my youtube channel, and spread that shit like peanut butter! I rely on you fans to keep the word going since I have zero budget for production and especially zero budget for marketing! I am broke, is the gist of the thing. So, spread on! Be like a disease and spread my stupid wickedness throughout time and space! I have an album of love songs coming up, then probably a science-inspired concept album. I don't really know yet, but it materializes eventually. More music for all, says I! More music for all!