A More Perfect Union Released!

Post date: 29-Nov-2013 16:42:34


As of today, A More Perfect Union has been officially released! You can get a digital copy at the handy link above. If you prefer other music outlets like iTunes or Amazon.com, then those will be released within the next week or two. However, if you'd like to support my music more without paying more, then CDBaby is the best place to buy it. Right now, the price is $9.00, but I am trying to get it changed to $8.99 (big difference, I know). Physical CDs will soon be available as well with full-color artwork if you're into that like I am (for $12.99 each, with a 20% discount for 2 or more copies). I'm definitely excited to be able to put this record out there, so pick up a copy if you enjoyed it! Thanks!

If any metal or music websites would like to review the album, I will be happy to send you either a digital or physical copy for free. Send all inquiries to will.firehead@gmail.com.