New Album Progress Updates!

Post date: 17-Jul-2014 23:20:09

I've been tinkering around with mixing and mastering the last few weeks, and I'm finally starting to hear the tone I've been looking for all these years. The trick? Turning up the bass guitar! The sound of this new record will be thick as hell. While I'm still satisfied with the sound of AMPU, the new record will outshine that one in a few subtle but very important ways. The only caveat so far is that I'm running into a loudness/dynamics problem, but I'll sort that out in due time. Here's the current stats for the album:

Current # of songs: 10 (with at least 2 more planned)

Current Album Length: 54:28 (shooting for around 60-65 mins)

Album Name: Confirmed, not yet released

Album Artwork: Not even on the radar yet

Album Track Order (like that matters anymore, haha!): Not yet decided

Current Track Listing and Lengths (in alphabetical order):

  1. Alive and Dying (5:58)

  2. Aterial (2:31)

  3. Bitter (6:04)

  4. Choke the Rose (5:29)

  5. Demo 2 (4:24)

  6. Demo 3 (4:19)

  7. Demo 4 (4:03)

  8. Lender (9:50)

  9. Pawn Kills Rook (6:21)

  10. The Viper (5:29)

Judging by some of the song lengths, you might think that this record will be similar to AMPU, and in some ways it is. But, the theme of the record is completely different, as is the feel of many of the songs. There will still be a strong groove element throughout, but I'm trying to place more emphasis on contrast and weirdness as well. I'm also trying to expand the range of vocal styles present on this record, including a very talented guest vocalist on Demo 2! I'll be ready to reveal more details in the near future (album name, guest vocalist, more track titles), so check back for more updates! I'll also try really hard to establish a reliable update schedule (once per week or the like), because I know I can be flaky and disappear for like 4 weeks at a time.

Also, any visual artists who'd like to take a crack at creating some album art for me (especially minimalist artists), please contact me! I created the artwork for AMPU myself, and I must say that visual arts are not my thing at all. I literally spent weeks on what would probably take hours for a competent artist. Support local music, artists!