A More Perfect Union Now Available On Amazon, iTunes, and Other Online Stores!

Post date: 09-Dec-2013 02:31:39

I noticed today that A More Perfect Union is now available at Amazon and iTunes! Amazon was good enough to keep my recommended price of $8.99 for the digital version (same as CD Baby), but iTunes decided to increase the price to $9.99 for some reason. It frustrates me that I can't control the price of my own material on iTunes, and there's no reason for anyone to pay extra for the same exact album. I highly recommend buying the album on the CD Baby Store instead, since it costs the same amount as the Amazon version, and I get a bigger cut of the sale than I do anywhere else. But regardless of where you get your copy, I appreciate every single bit of support that I might receive for this album. Thank you!

I have my 10 physical CDs coming on December 13th, so I'll be able to offer the real deal shortly after that. Physical CDs have a 2-panel, full-color insert as well as full color tray art as well. The CD is professional quality, shrink-wrapped and everything. The CD will be available for $12.99 through CD Baby within the next few weeks or so. I'll let you know when they come in.

I should have some more exciting news in a few weeks from now. Peace!