It's Been Awhile...

Post date: 03-May-2018 19:52:17

First, an enormous thank you to anyone who has stuck with me this long. I've been gone a long time, but I haven't been sitting on my hands. Oh no, not even close. I've been busy.

Here are the updates:

    1. A new album is ready to drop. It's complete. It's killer. It's better than the previous two combined. The first single is coming soon.

    2. TWO new games are in the works. One a simple, but fun thing to challenge yourself with. The other a sprawling narrative thing to be absorbed over time.

    3. A new machinima video exists. I have it in my hands right now. It was made with love by myself and Raditztheradish. It's a flashback to the olden, golden days of machinima.

So, even though I've been gone an age, I'm not gone. I think the next few months will be very exciting for everyone.