The Gift of Metal

Post date: 09-Mar-2013 01:14:19

Today was errand day, so I spent my afternoon, you know...running errands. Anyway, my haircut errand brought me to the mall, where I decided to ALSO BUY SOME CHINESE FOOD OR WHATEVER. This is going somewhere, I promise. SO. I am eating my oh-so-delicious Chinese food when a dude from a group sitting the next table over starts up a conversation with me. We chat about things and whatnot, and I notice a few things: black clothes, check. Grungy-type counter-culture styles, check. Not afraid to converse with random people, check. My metal-sense is starting to tingle. Then, as I go outside to smoke me one of my beloved cigarettes (don't hate), some of the other people come outside to have a smoke as well. By this point, I'm sold on the idea. As we all go to leave at the same time, I find that these people are parked pretty close to me. So, I did what anyone else in my position would have done: I stopped their car to give them a jump drive filled with the demos for my upcoming album, of course! (They also got a copy of my personally remastered version of St. Anger, now with 50% less shitty snare drums!). If you're one of the dudes or ladies from that group that I ran into today, then hello! I'm the weirdo that gave you a jump drive full of music, mumbled something about being oneclipleft from Youtube, then hopped in my car and drove away. Welcome to my website for all the ridiculous crap that I make! You may also find me my channel on Youtube, as well as a few videos on's channel. Also, sorry my album isn't finished yet, but it's all I have so far.

I did learn something from all this, though. For my upcoming album to have any hope of success, especially considering I have no band to tour with, I am going to have to market myself guerrilla-style. I'm thinking of printing up some CDs and spreading them around to metal-looking people like I did today. I will be attending a pretty big concert the first weekend in May (Carolina Rebellion), and I'm also considering spreading some demos around while I'm there as well. I'm thinking that if I don't rely 100% on the internet, then I might stand a better chance of getting noticed. Plus people like free shit. We'll see how it goes!

Now, back to recording. Peace!