W. L. Prowell

Hi there! I'm W. L. Prowell, oneclipleft, and/or Professor Bumble-Fuck the Tired depending on why you're here and who you're looking for. We are each the same person masquerading as the others whenever necessary. Here, I'll start us off:

W. L. Prowell is an author, English professor, father, and husband who lives and teaches in South Carolina, U.S. He co-authored The Discordianist Manifesto (2018) and its sequel, the aptly titled The Discordianist Manifesto 2 (2021) with Professor Bumble-Fuck the Tired (who is the same person but not the same personality). He also wrote The Things That Love Us Back (2022), a collection of 18 terrifying horror stories. He is currently working on four other new books, which explains why they're taking so long to complete!

oneclipleft is a one-man metal band who releases an album every once in awhile. He wrote and released A More Perfect Union (2013), (Ab)Useful (2015), and All Those Teeth (2018) and has been active since 2012. The current album, tentatively entitled Cartographer, is on hiatus until further notice but will eventually be released, possibly in 2023. oneclipleft also runs a goofy Youtube channel which is mostly about video games, metal music, and stuff he finds funny. oneclipleft is ALSO an indie game developer sometimes and has released one short horror game called Abby's Song (2016). He is currently working on a deckbuilding card-battler called Over Throne and brainstorming another game which shall not be discussed yet.

Professor Bumble-Fuck the Tired co-authored some manifestos with the writerly help of W. L. Prowell. PBFtT provided the crazy, Discordian ideas, and Prowell wrote all the fancy words. This partnership is convenient because they are the same person. Legend has it that PBFtT is lazily cooking up a third manifesto to complete the trilogy, but who knows when that mess will congeal into reality.

Other than that, I've mostly been writing books and reading Brandon Sanderson novels these days. Right now I self-publish all my projects independently, but I one day hope to publish my novels through a traditional publisher (looking at you, Tor!). Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I hope you found something I made that you can enjoy. Peace!

-W. L. Prowell