First Single Coming June 9th!

Post date: 27-May-2018 22:47:37


I have a few singles to release prior to the album's release on August 26th, and the first one is coming June 9th! I suppose I should say something about what All Those Teeth is about, right? Well, unlike previous records, none of these songs are personal to me. It could be called a concept record. The theme is horrifying mythical creatures from a variety of world cultures (but one of the creatures is very much real). I tried to capture the legend surrounding each creature accurately in the lyrics and music, and I think it all comes together pretty well. Each song is named after the creature its about, so feel free to research those entities and tell me where I got things wrong!

The album will have 9 songs, so it's a bit more focused than my last two (A More Perfect Union and (ab)Useful). The runtime is 59:25, so it's also shorter than the previous records by quite a bit. I tried to cut all the fat from this one. All killer, no filler. I ordered the songs from heaviest/fastest first to lighter/slower later. The last song is particularly soft/haunting since it features no guitars whatsoever. Consider that one a subversion of pop, if you like.

All Those Teeth also stretches my vocal abilities to their current limit (all of my albums do this, for better or worse, and I often attempt to exceed my abilities with questionable results). The result this time is pretty diverse and interesting. I feel like I can honestly say that I've achieved the vocal ability and quality that I've always been searching for. I'm happy to say that I hit nearly 4 octaves in that last song vocally. I'm really proud of that one (it'll probably come out as a single).

So, that's the state of affairs regarding All Those Teeth. It'll have a page up on this site soon, with track names, lengths, and lyrics as usual.