Finishing Up The New Album!

Post date: 15-Oct-2014 20:31:47

Things are moving fairly quickly in terms of completing this record! Cover artwork is complete! Almost all the songs are in the mastering stage! Very exciting times. I'm particularly psyched to release this beast because I consider it a pretty decent step up from A More Perfect Union in just about every way. Production quality is definitely better, and I really think my performances are better overall as well. I even consider the writing (both lyrics and music) to be tighter this time around, too.

I'm still working on editing the official music video for Bit Harvester, and I'm planning to submit it for consideration at the Albany Music Awards as soon as it's complete and the submission period opens up. The AMAs should be an awesome event, and I'm really proud to be a part of it. The Southeastern U.S. really needed something like this, and it's making a pretty big splash (even President Obama has commented on it). I'm hoping to take the awards for Best Metal Video and Best Metal Album. There are a few other awards that would be awesome to win, but I think they're a bit out of my league to be honest. What can I say? Metal just isn't that popular as it turns out.

And, a final bit of news. You may recall I included a cover song on A More Perfect Union (Ocean Planet by Gojira). I'm doing another cover song this time around, too, but the choice of song might be a bit surprising. I'm going to do my very best to create a respectable metal version of Rap God by Eminem. It's an incredibly well-written song that has the ultimate benefit of having very minimal music behind it. This will give me the freedom to write a musical track for the lyrics that is completely different from the original. I plan to keep the vocal performance similar, but convert it into a metal style (yes, even that crazy fast part). If nothing else, it should be a great musical experiment!

That's all for now,