Music Video Filmed!

Post date: 09-Jul-2014 04:08:21

Thanks to Germaine Moody (bottom right), Marlin Williams (top left hands), and the Albany Music Awards, my very first official music video was shot this past Saturday! It was an amazing experience, and I can't thank those guys enough for going out on that limb of helping make it happen. As I mentioned before, the Albany Music Awards is the highest honor for music achievement in South Georgia covering over 80 cities and 5000 artists, and I can't explain how excited I am to be a part of its genesis. The first annual awards show is schedule for March 15th, 2015 in Albany, GA, and I'm hoping this video will land me a nomination. Either way, the AMA show is going to be a beautiful thing, believe me.

The video is for the song "Bit Harvester." We shot all the footage on a bit of land I own in South Georgia, since the directors were kind enough to drive all the way from Albany to me. I was wearing a 3-piece wool suit/leather mask combo in the unbearably hot and humid weather, so luckily we completed the entire shoot in around 2 hours. We got some great footage, and I'm currently working with the directors during the editing process. This video also marks the first appearances of the suit, the mask, and the newly repainted guitar, so lots of new exciting stuff happening very quickly in OCL land!