The First 5 Hours: Abby's Song Greenlight Update

Post date: 01-Aug-2016 02:10:43

Check it out! I figure complete transparency is a pretty good policy, so here's the first Greenlight update. First, though, GO VOTE! Ok, now that you're back, let's take a look at these mystical numbers. We may even call them "metrics," but I don't know why we would.

I have to say that the campaign is off to a slow start. There have been some criticisms of the character animation, and at least one person found the trailer confusing so far. So, I will do my best to address those two issues as quickly as possible. Have a 21% yes vote ratio is a little disheartening as well. It seems that Abby's Song either A) has an ineffective trailer or B) does not look appealing or C) has a hard time communicating what makes the game interesting.

It'll be interesting to see if improving the animations and shooting a more communicative trailer helps the vote ratio. I hope it does!