The Point of Going On

Post date: 27-Nov-2014 04:17:22

So, I took a look at my "numbers" tonight and realized that I haven't had a single creation (video, song, etc) break 200 views/listens in an entire calendar year. Wow. That ought to indicate that I'm seriously losing popularity in this bitch we call life. Some people would call it quits at this point. But me? Pfft. Who cares? I'll keep making ridiculous shit anyway. This is how I started after all.

Let me take you back to February of 2008. I released the first 3 episodes of RTA in a single day, then started releasing new eps every Monday for the next few months. Early on? I got next to nothing. I frequently got comments saying "why doesn't this have more views?" and I didn't know then, and I don't know now. But, by the grace of a couple influential folks (Egger3rd, I'm gazing at you, mostly) my views began to grow. Before long, it wasn't unusual for a video to get a few hundred views the first day it released. This was a great and wondrous joy to me. People liked my shit, and I liked making my shit. We all won, in our own little ways.

However, things have changed, but I have not. I make machinima and metal, which is the nichest of the niche markets. Nothing about my product is mainstream (just ask Machinima, they know about my analytic data, heh). But, again I say to you, who cares? If even one person enjoys something I create, then I call that a rousing success! Appreciation cannot be enumerated on either end. It just is. So, I will make things for those of you who stick around. A few of you have stuck around long enough to merit a lifelong achievement award of some kind, and I thank you. I thank anyone who pays any attention to the various messes I create. You give me good feelings, even the haters. I intend to remain classy and stupid and savage. Stick around, if you like. This shit's free, after all.