(ab)Useful Gets a Great Response

Post date: 02-Sep-2015 20:14:11

Thank you to everyone who has listened to the album this past week! This has been the biggest success I've had on a project in a long time, and I'm really blown away by the response I've gotten so far. I'm hoping that my viewership continues to rise because I plan on applying to CDBaby's new Youtube partnership program, and the only requirement I don't meet right now is monthly views. But I believe I should achieve even that before too long, as more and more people have been coming around the OCL stomping grounds lately. So, thank you again for sticking around, watching/listening to my stuff, and being generally supportive.

Up next is RTA (starting tomorrow! Whoo!), and after that I will announce the secret project. The past few months have been a really fun time for me, so thanks again for continuing to be a part of it!