Support the OCL Cause for MONEY!

Post date: 02-Nov-2015 21:41:24

Awhile back I posted about free ways you could help me spread my insane creations across the web (by listening to my music and subscribing/following me at reverbnation, soundcloud, youtube, and twitter). As always, thanks to everyone for the support! However, I would also like cover the great ways that you can send me money, too! Historically, I have released my creative works for free on my youtube channel, but it occurred to me that maybe some people out there would like to take some of their hard earned money and send it to me instead. Well, if you're one of those folks who has too much money laying around, here's some ways you can send it to me in exchange for my creative goods:

CDBaby! (cheapest for you, and gives me the biggest cut!)

iTunes! (for people who like Apple junk!)

Bandcamp! (for people who like Bandcamp!)

Now that I am developing a short video game, music will temporarily take a back seat. I will still have new music coming out for the game's soundtrack, but I won't be formally working on an actual album for awhile. Don't despair, though! I am likely to create a classic oneclipleft style track now and then, and I'll be sure to release it on my youtube channel when I do. Also, I'll still be creating How to Play videos for older songs and other mildly interesting stuff. Peace!