Music Update

Post date: 17-Apr-2012 05:42:12

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I just finished preliminary recording and mixing for track 6 of my upcoming album, and I'm talking to 14nafster about whipping me up some album art based on his logo contest submission. Some of you may have already heard this track, called "Back Away," as I know the old remix version of it has at least appeared in dulvluspa's video Facebook Poke Party and can be found other places around ye olde internet. In terms of metal, it's a song I've always been proud of, and I'm excited to hear it well-recorded finally. It's pretty brutal if I do say so myself. This also means that I only have 6 more songs to record before I move on to vocals and mastering, which I'm psyched to start on. All in all, these projects are slowly coming together. I just have to make 10 episodes of Skyrim Adventures, 7 episodes of RTA, and 6 songs and all my foreseeable projects for this year will be complete. I have recently put RTA on high-priority in order to finish it more quickly, and I hope to release episode 29 sooner than I was initially planning. And, as a nod to the good old days, I'm going to release it on a Monday. After that, I'm going to release each new episode as soon as I have it finished. No more several-month-long delays!

Also, as many of you may have noticed, I recently recorded a cover of Ray Koefoed's song "Sum of a Body," and you can download it for free in the downloads section right here! Peace!