(ab)Useful Releases in Two Weeks!

Post date: 13-Aug-2015 02:01:22

8/26/15 is the date it'll hit CDBaby.com, and it'll hit iTunes and everywhere else about two weeks later! I'm really excited about this album, and I can't wait for you guys to hear it. It's easily the best thing I've done musically to date both in terms of sound quality and musicianship (there's some tricky guitar work in there). I even think my singing is much better, which is a huge thing for me (I've never considered myself to be a good singer).

The price will be $8.99 at CDBaby, which I think is a pretty good deal. iTunes will probably make it $9.99, so I'm all for saving you that buck. Also, just like A More Perfect Union, the price will go down to $4.99 on CDBaby after awhile. I can't control the price anywhere else, so if you want the best deal, CDBaby is the way to go. Plus, I get the highest percentage from them, so it's the best deal for me, too. Everyone wins!

After this album, I'll be taking a brief hiatus to get another, non-musical project rolling, then I'll return to writing and recording. It's amazing how fast the turn-around can be when you don't tour or perform live anymore (although I often wish I could, but them's the breaks). The next album, as I've mentioned before, will be softer and more accessible for the regular people rock crowd. I imagine it'll release some time in 2017, but I'll release some tracks on my youtube channel ahead of the album like normal.

Anyone who has supported my music or continues to do so either morally or financially, thank you! I truly appreciate every person who listens to my music whether they send me cash or not. The real joy for me is simply putting my work out into the world and getting to know people's reactions to it. After all, I've been doing this either for free or at my own expense for over a decade now, and I don't plan to ever stop.