New Game Begins Development Next Month!

Post date: 12-May-2018 01:48:32

My schedule says I'm starting development proper on a new game June 9th. I feel like Abby's Song accomplished what it set out to do, so it's time to try something new! Here's a few details that are set in stone:

    1. It will be an infinite runner game with a unique gameplay twist that I haven't seen before.

    2. It will most likely be 2D or 2.5D.

    3. It will feature a few different modes of play: a campaign style preset collection of levels at the very least. If I'm able, I'll also add an infinite randomized level option, a level editor to create your own levels, and a few different tweaks that will make the game harder or easier depending on what you select. More info on those as it become available.

    4. The art will be minimalist and highly stylized (think Superhot or Thomas Was Alone art styles). This will help the game look good while saving me a little hassle on the art assets. Especially good since my budget for this game is $0, just like Abby's Song.

    5. It will be built in Godot Engine instead of coded from scratch in Python. Abby's Song was coded in Python, and the performance suffered as a result. I want to make sure that doesn't happen again. Much of my early development time will be spent learning Godot Engine and its unique coding language.

    6. A few months before this game is complete, I plan to release Abby's Song on Steam for free. Right now, it is only available on, so this will hopefully gain some attention prior to the new game's release.

    7. This may be a pipe dream, but I'm hoping to finish this game by early November and submit it to Steam by Dec. 1st. We'll see how that goes! Fingers crossed!

Anyway, that's about all I can say about the new game project right now. I need to get a prototype up and running, and I'm hoping to have one by the end of June or mid-July. Development will go much more smoothly after that (if Abby's Song development was anything to judge future projects by anyway).

As always, thanks for the continued interest and support, loyal readers! There will be much, much more content in the coming months. Peace!