Big Album Update!

Post date: 05-Nov-2014 04:40:41

Hey all, I'm ready to announce/reveal some new info that I alluded to in earlier posts. Here's the basic rundown so far (many of these details are finalized, like the cover art and album title!):

Number of songs: 13

Album Length: 69:57

Album Name: (ab)Useful

Album Artwork: See right!

Current Track Listing and Lengths (in alphabetical order):

  1. Alive and Dying (6:00)

  2. Aterial (2:32)

  3. Bitter (5:44)

  4. Choke the Rose (5:30)

  5. Demo 3 (4:19)

  6. Demo 4 (4:03)

  7. Inhuman feat. Special Guest Vocalist (4:24)

  8. Lender (9:50)

  9. Pawn Kills Rook (6:21)

  10. Sleepfire (3:45)

    1. Slower (5:51)

  11. The Viper (5:29)

  12. Rap God (6:09)

This is pretty much all locked in except the song titles, order, and lengths (still have work to do). I cannot tell you all how pleased I am with the sound of this beast, though. It is one of the heaviest collections of songs I've ever managed to produce in terms of recording quality. Variety is there as well, as I believe that contrast is the lifeblood of any well wrought work. As I've mentioned before, I think the writing is much better this time around in both lyrics and music. But, of course, you'll be the ultimate judge of that. I genuinely appreciate every piece of feedback I get on these musical projects, so keep it coming!

The music video is coming along nicely. I'm learning so many things I never thought I'd need to know regarding video production, but it's all being put to (hopefully) good use. It's amazing to think that with a little (lot) post-production magic, what started as me standing in an empty dirt patch is turning into a surreal nowhere space. I honestly never thought I'd get the opportunity to do something like this video, but hey, here is that very opportunity. And who knows? Maybe I can land an award at the AMAs next year! We shall see.

All that said, I am squeezing in work on this project when I can. I'm not exactly close to releasing quite yet, but every day is one step closer (to all 8 of you looking forward to it!).



Album Cover Art (in all it's 8-bit glory):