Abby's Song Video Update #9

Post date: 17-Apr-2016 04:02:03

Big update! I can't believe how far this little project has come in less than 6 months. I've been getting a lot of help and feedback lately. My cousin, Donald, has contributed to the soundtrack. My long-time youtube buddy Dulvluspa is contributing to character animations (forthcoming), and another game developer, David Szymanski (Fingerbones, The Music Machine, A Wolf in Autumn), has been offering really great general advice along the way. So, 2/3 of Abby's Song is in beta, and 1/3 is in Alpha still. Check out the vblog below for a more detailed breakdown:

Change Log 4/16/2016

Major graphics/style overhaul.

Gameplay 2/3 complete.

Items now support multiple textbox descriptions.

Replaced more textbox descriptions with visuals.

Added triggered event.

Added more varied lightmaps.

Added item pickup confirmation dialog boxes.

Added item drop confirmation dialog boxes.

Added more item sound effects.

Added new music to the soundtrack.

General bugfixes.