Finishing Up and Next Steps

Post date: 18-Sep-2013 22:41:03

As the recording, mixing, and mastering of "A More Perfect Union" wraps up, I'm a little uncertain what my next steps should be. I guess I can go ahead and reveal that I am creating a character of sorts to represent my music, and it is modeled after the Plague Doctors from the days when science didn't know how the plague actually spread. It's certainly a unique image, and I have what I believe to be a decent reason for choosing to put on a costume instead of being, you know, normal about it.

Since this album is heavily critical of many of the U.S. government's actions, and also since do not have the expertise to propose any viable solutions to those problems, the Plague Doctor image seemed particularly apt. Plague Doctors were often untrained in medicine, and generally had no idea what they were doing, how to avoid the plague, or how to treat it. The elongated nose section of their mask was often filled with fragrant plants and flowers thought to ward off the plague. This, of course, did not help one bit and many doctors died as a result. The best a Plague Doctor could do was point out the problem, which is all I feel I am qualified to do. So, I decided to express that by putting together a modernized Plague Doctor's outfit that I will wear any time I appear with this music. It'll be weird, for sure, but I am less interested in the shock value and more interested in putting the emphasis on the music rather than on me as a person.

Anyway, I do know that once I finalize the album artwork, take some PR photos of me dressed up all crazy, and a few other things, I will hire a PR company to publicize the album. I will also shoot at least one low-budget music video in support of the album as well. With any luck, these things will turn out as awesome as the album itself, and this whole project will see some kind of success.

Here's a picture of the Plague Doctor's mask that I requisitioned from the amiable and talented Tom Banwell (ignore my kitchen counter):

Thanks Tom!