Albany Music Awards and New Album Updates

Post date: 14-May-2014 04:34:58

Strangely enough, I've attracted the attention of the Albany Music Awards, which seems to be a brand-new, somewhat local awards ceremony based in Albany, GA. I was invited to one of their events for this past Saturday, but I was unable to attend. It's a shame, because I really want to try out my fancy-ass clothes and freaky mask to see how that image impacts people. But, alas, my time will come.

I am also hard at work on new demos, and I have completed (or nearly completed) 7 demos at this point. I'm confident that nearly all of these will wind up on the new record, and I'm particularly proud of 4 of them so far. I have tons left to do, but I am taking my time yet again. This record won't take 2.5 years to complete like A More Perfect Union did, though! I'm hoping to finish, and possibly even release, the album by the end of this year. I'm expecting to include 12 or 13 tracks total, and I'm definitely doing another cover song as well. We'll see how all this turns out.