OCL Devblog #3 Abby's Song

Post date: 25-Dec-2015 19:26:15

Merry Happy! The third OCL Devblog is up, so check it out! Change log below:

Change Log 12/25/2015

  • Completed 25 new items and statics.

  • Fixed textbox flicker on fade in.

  • Created new main menu screen and buttons.

  • Added potential main menu music.

  • Created new windows.

  • Created lighting system.

  • Added 3 light items.

  • Created light map for 1 room.

  • Added rain weather effect and sound.

  • Added small fade to some sounds/music.

  • Completed 1 song for soundtrack.

  • Completed keyboard puzzle so that it’s solvable by tone deaf players.