Two Secret Projects!

Post date: 25-Oct-2015 00:34:42

If you have followed my creations at all over the years, then you know I have a tendency to create multiple things at once. So, keeping that possibly counter productive tradition alive, I actually have two projects to announce on the 30th. One of them is worth showing off, and the other one I started yesterday. They are the same type of thing, but will be totally different experiences. Hopefully you guys will like them! Here's an estimated timetable for these two brand-spankin' new projects.

Original Secret Project: 18 months

New Secret Project: 3-4 months

If you guessed that I started the second project because it would be completed quicker, you were right! The original project is a bit larger and more complicated than I first imagined, so this second project will bridge the gap between now and the completion of the original project. I will continue to work on machinima and new music along the way, but my main focus will be these projects. So, join me as I venture into this new territory! I will make it as entertaining as I can, as always. Peace!