Gearing Up for Full-Time Development!

Post date: 03-Dec-2015 17:33:06

As I wrap up my obligations with my day job and Christmas vacation nears, I will enter a brief period of full-time development for Abby's Song! I have plans to accomplish a ton of work on the game during this time, especially in art and sound design, and I'll be coding like crazy to begin shaping the narrative flow of the game as well. So, expect more updates, screenshots, and maybe even a video or two!

I'm also planning to build a Steam Greenlight campaign for Abby's Song soon! I will announce this over and over so that everyone gets a chance to hear about it (or get sick of hearing about it!) before the campaign launches. I will not launch a Kickstarter or any other crowd-funding campaign, though. A few reasons for this: 1) I don't actually need any money to finish this game. Development has cost me next to nothing so far. The largest cost to me, by far, will be the Greenlight submission fee which I can cover. 2) I don't have the time or energy to run two campaigns at once. 3) I don't want anyone to give me any money until the game is finished, playable, and shipped!

So, what does this mean for you, loyal fan? When the time comes, just vote yes to green-light the game. That's it! I know we can get this game through because of all the amazing things you all have helped me accomplish in the past. I really wouldn't be much of anywhere without so many kick-ass people helping me out and spreading the word, so thank you!

More game development news to come!