Abby's Song Nearing Steam Greenlight!

Post date: 30-Jul-2016 03:23:52

What?! I know! I'm as amazed as you may or may not be. The past 9 months have been a whirlwind of learning, applying, testing, and seeking that sweet release date. So, here we are approaching that very thing. Abby's Song is complete for better or worse. I like to think it's better, but I'm heavily biased here. Abby's Song is one of very few games created entirely in Python, but more on that another time. Abby's Song is an experiment, a narrative, a story, an attempt to lift your ass out of that seat and shake some fucking synapses. Now, on to the real questions, like what hard-hitting reporters might ask:

Is it scary? Yes! Well I damn well hope so. I can't tell from here 'cause I'm too close to it, but my testers say it's pretty creepy. I think it has an excellent atmosphere and a few moments that will grab players by their whatevers and flail 'em a bit, yes. But this isn't your typical jump-scare-fest 2016, oh no. I'm banking that the narrative will fill the dread slot quite nicely. Audio, too, is important here, and I worked hard on that shit, lemme tell ya.

Is it fun? Now, there's the real question, and I believe Abby's Song will give you the value you pay for. End of story. But fun? That's a limiting term which rarely applies to horror, honestly. So we have to go with a more general definition of value. I think the bang for the buck is all over the place with Abby's Song. I strongly think you'll like it (again I'm biased, so take that for what it's worth).

Will it change your life? Maybe. Depends on the stories you've already consumed and what you're used to. It's a thematic twist on an old favorite, I'll say that much. Think about circles (which you should be doing, anyway, in your quest to become a better human, haha!). But seriously though, consider circles. Think about saving the one you love most. Think about sacrifice. Think about the possibility of regaining what was lost. Think about death, rock music, kids, medicine, demons, surgery, and you'll get the idea. It's a short game, so I mostly hope it'll just sucker punch ya wherever you fear the punch most.

So, again, here we are. A pretty big juncture for me. I'm supremely proud to add Abby's Song to my repertoire. I hope you like what I've created :)