Ads Are Ruining The Internet

Post date: 04-Feb-2016 19:59:23

While this topic isn't exactly related to game development and is probably already painfully obvious to most, I feel compelled to say something because I can't take this ridiculous shit anymore. Since when did every single website on the face of the internet become so bloated and expensive that they have to run ads on nearly every pixel of every page? What's the point of clogging your website so densely that you can't financially survive without doing this? No one wants to see that shit. It's ugly, intrusive, and counter to the point of an article or page (which is to simply be read by people). Take the screenshot below for example:

This atrocity was created by The Washington Times, a website whose sole purpose is to produce readable articles for its viewership. What the fuck do they deliver instead? That's right, a clickbait list article that shoves 4 ads in the reader's face before they get past item 2 on their stupid list. What the fuck is going on with this shit? And take a good look at those quality fucking ads they're so keen on piling everywhere. More clickbait bullshit no one cares about designed to entice people whose lives have shriveled and withered to the point where they'll click anything not to face another conscious moment. One of the ad titles even uses the word "Your's," which is an error I've never even heard of before, and I'm a goddamn English professor. The bottom most ad is literally just a picture of food and a glass of diseased piss water. How is that even an ad?

I'm not necessarily against running ads to cover server costs, but if you need this many of this low quality just to scrape by then guess what asshole? Your server costs too much and you can't afford that shit. Scale your poorly optimized bloated website back and reevaluate. Hell, I run my website for fucking free because Google is nice enough to offer that service. Free articles. No ads. No problem.

Okay, rant over. I'll be posting another Abby's Song update this week. Stick around!