Post date: 27-Sep-2019 23:37:28

Got a few more short horror stories in the can. I also got another rejection letter in the can, too! Gotta keep steaming forward! Anyway, here's the word count for the short horror story collection:

Short Horror Story Collection: 45,000

I'm hoping to get up to around 60k to 80k before it's done, so that should work out to be about 20-22 stories. The dystopian novel is still on hold. I have started a sequel to The Discordianist Manifesto (please buy a copy or download the free PDF on the homepage right here).

I have also started a ridiculous self-help book that I'm about 6k words into. It's currently entitled Feel Better or DIE TRYING. It'll be a lot of fun and maybe just a little tiny bit actually helpful. That's the plan, anyway.

Oh, and check out my Youtube channel if you haven't been by lately. I've been making some new videos about cooking on a budget. They're pretty silly, and the food is decent!