Ourtunez.com Artist Spotlight Published!

Post date: 19-Mar-2014 00:16:36

This is an exciting time in the OCL world! As I mentioned recently, Ourtunez.com has selected me for their current artist spotlight. This is the first piece of real coverage that A More Perfect Union has gotten since its official release this past December. I can say with complete confidence that Ourtunez.com is an amazing service, and I'm stoked to be featured by them. For those of you who haven't heard, Ourtunez is an internet radio station that facilitates music discovery rather than simply repeating the same tired hits that every other internet radio site plays. They play a mix of popular music and indie music (like mine) so that listeners can discover new bands that are similar to what they already listen to. It's an awesome radio model that I hope to see other companies try in the future.

You can read their article about me here. Check it out!