Abby's Song Greenlight Campaign Update: Day 2

Post date: 03-Aug-2016 01:35:59

Here are the new numbers on the Abby's Song Steam Greenlight campaign after two days. Abby's Song is no longer being featured on the "recent submissions" page, so views and votes have slowed to a crawl already, and things are not looking super great. The 22% yes vote ratio isn't much better than it was the first few hours despite a very quick revamp of the official trailer, but the game has managed to secure nearly 100 yes votes overall so far. The silver lining here is that comments have been supportive and encouraging, with a few downright positive ones, and very little negativity. So, while voters are not currently willing to push Abby's Song through Steam quite yet, they are not driven to speak poorly about it either. To me, this might mean that Abby's Song is not really causing a strong reaction in people, positive or negative, but it's just negative enough for the average person to click "no" instead of "yes."

The past two days have been illuminating for me, and I am pushing forward despite the lukewarm launch. I plan to address voters' concerns regarding character animations and porting Abby's Song to Linux and Mac as soon as I can. I have also recently launched Abby's Song on for a very reasonable price to see how things go there as well. If nothing else, this has been a valuable experience that I have learned a lot from, which will better prepare me for next time. Peace!