Youtube Store?

Post date: 27-May-2012 03:25:38

Check out what I literally just discovered 5 minutes ago. I am certainly intrigued by this bold move Youtube has suddenly made. Personally, I've been searching for an easy way to centralize my various song downloads without having to direct everyone to this site first, and it seems that Youtube has answered my silent, frustrated plea. Not that I wouldn't love for people to use this site to find everything OCL-related as it existed "out there" in the wild tangles of the internet. Hell, that's exactly what this site is for. That's also why I'm looking into reclaiming my original URL. But as it stands, it is difficult to convince people that this site is worth returning to day after day, especially with my limited ability to add content "in here." I am only one dude after all, and I am usually busy with life or creating new video/music content or pulling some ill-advised haberdashery. But this store tab, man, I think it's pretty awesome. It's got curves and shit.

Now I can showcase each of my four currently available song downloads, even the one that has never been downloaded or streamed by anyone, anywhere, ever. This utility, if I may so call it, is appearing in good time for me to finish my current album project. Since I can have up to 20 "products" listed at any one time from a variety of sources (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc), I'll have plenty of slots for my current four songs, the 13 songs on the album, and the album itself without having to worry about prioritizing, a word that I usually thoroughly hate. I should also take the time to plug myself and say that if you haven't gotten a steaming hot copy of one of my Hit TraxTM, then what are you waiting for?! Grandma Nelson ain't gettin' it for ya for Christmas 'cause she can't work the internets, so jump on over there and give me your money in exchange for HOT BEATS AND ROCKIN' GUITAR LIXX!

That said, I am very interested to see if this new exposure to my primary audience (all you wonderful subscribers) will have an impact on my digital music sales. It probably won't, or at least not noticeably. Even a video I put out through Machinima's channel couldn't help me recoup my investment for this track. Does this mean I'll give up on centralizing my downloadables here? Hell no. I want my stuff in as many places as possible. Except Facebook. Fuck Facebook. Peace!