Album Almost Done, Music Video(s), and Other Cool Shit

Post date: 22-Jun-2014 00:08:36

What the fuck is up, people? I have some progress reports and some other cool shit on the horizon. First things first, the new record now has 10 official tracks totaling just over 52 minutes of MIND BLOWING BRUTALITY. Well, you know me. It's not as brutal as it gets, but I'll be damned if these songs aren't pretty fucking good. I think this new album is going to put AMPU to shame in a lot of ways. I actually popped AMPU in the other day and was shocked because I found the sound quality to be sub-par. This time last year I thought it was the greatest sound I'd ever achieved. Well, now I'm doing even better, so expect better all around!

I also have the good fortune of networking some short film directors who are interested in shooting music videos. I have two leads right now, and I'm planning to make good use of both. The Albany Music Awards people are hooking me up with a local director to shoot something, and my good youtube buddy dulvluspa has also recently offered his expertise. I've never done a real music video before, so I'm psyched to see what happens here. One video will definitely be shot for "Bit Harvester." I haven't decided on the next one. It all just depends on time, availability, money, ect, ect.

Also, the official sales tally for AMPU is TWO WHOLE COPIES OF THE ALBUM. I really need to learn how this internet viral marketing bullshit works. Seriously.