MetalSucks Rocks!

Post date: 08-Sep-2012 00:33:46

Whoooo! So, today one of my videos was featured on, which is pretty fucking awesome! I've been reading for a few years now for various news, reviews, and release info, so I'm extremely honored to have my content showcased on their site. The obvious upside for me is the great exposure and feedback I've been getting from their readers today. It actually broke some personal records for me (most of which were previously held by my Rebecca Black Friday Metal Cover). So far, I think I've gotten almost 2500 views on the video, over 100 comments (though many of those are me responding to other comments), over 100 likes (or thumbs-up or whatever the fuck they're called), all in less than one day. Even traffic to this site has exploded today. So, thank you to metalsucks and everyone who has helped make this video waaaay more successful than I ever expected. I'll see if there are any other observations I can make about the music I love: METAL.