Cover Art Reveal! (2022/09/17)

And release date for The Things That Love Us Back. Whoo!

Just in time for Halloween, I have 100% completed my horror short story collection. Finally! Check out the info below, yo:

Title: The Things That Love Us Back
Release Date: October 31, 2022
Blurb: Malicious A.I.’s, eldritch monstrosities, malignant narcissists, and dystopian societies twist human love to their own cruel, vicious ends. A man in a coma may never wake, a woman hopes to escape her abusive ex-husband, a budding romance heralds the end of the world. Sometimes we choose the ones we love, but other times they choose us.

These 18 terrifying stories explore the intertwined relationship between love and horror. After all, can we really know what dark thoughts reside in even our closest partner’s mind? Can we even be sure of our own thoughts and emotions? How can we be sure enough to love without fear? Can fear even exist without a love of life?

To shine a light on the humanity’s worst qualities is to shine a light on oneself. This little light of a collection includes:
-“Heart’s Desire” -“Waiting for You”
-“Machine 38” -“The Helpers”
-“Harbinger” -“Ashes in the Cradle”
-“Hole” -“The Artist”
-“The Hotel I Work at Has a Basement” -“Baffling” (originally published in
The Discordianist Manifesto 2)
-“One of Those Things” -“Sixth Ocean”
-“[Imagine Woody Woodpecker Laughing]” -“Vampires”
-“Acceptance” -“Where Are You Going? What Have You Done?”
-“Supply and Demand” -“Clockwork Dragon”

Cover Art:

Exciting times! Next time, I'll have an article or review or something for you all. Peace!

-W. L. Prowell