Music Video Released!

Post date: 04-Feb-2012 19:18:20

I'm not entirely sure how much you guys actually enjoy my music videos, but something deep within MY VERY LIVING SOUL tells me I should keep making them. This time it's the video for a song I wrote called "Never Alone." The song is about the game LIMBO (and, hence, so is the video). You can watch it here on this site in the Machinima section, or you can use the link below to watch it on youtube:

Click here to watch the video!

And if you want to download a copy, then you can buy one (support independent musicians!) in the Music section here, or you can get it from your favorite music-downloady-place like iTunes!

Since it's release on Machinima's channel, it's received surprisingly positive feedback, which I am very glad to see. However, it is not spreading around LIKE THE PLAGUE OF DOOM that I thought it would. But hey! What can ya do?