Returning to

Post date: 10-Mar-2013 09:38:37

I've returned to my homeland,! I first had an account there from 2003-2006 under the username Whack-a-mole, so go check out the embarrassing stuff I used to post there (note: someone since hijacked my account and changed a bunch of stuff, so check it out AT YOUR OWN RISK, MAN). You can find both music and shitty flash animations! Holy-shit! A treasure-trove of ridiculousness! Regardless, I have decided to return there because Newgrounds was instrumental in my discovering that posting things to the internet had some kind of effect on people. Literally millions of people have heard my audio because of Newgrounds, and I'm damn proud of that. It is literally the only platform that can claim such a feat for me, so give that shit some fucking respect, eh? The format is excellent. The interconnectedness is amazing. I have released a practically finished track to NG's audio portal, which you can support here. Some of you may remember the instrumental version, but this is pretty close to the finished product. So check it out!

Aside from all that, I'm going to be shooting some talking heads for Dulvluspa later today. You will finally be able to behold "Confessions of a Bad Director"! Don't know what that is? That's okay, 'cause you will soon! And my apologies to DVS for taking so long (like, 2 years) to pull this minimal footage together. I've been busy/scared/unsure-what-to-do for the longest time. BUT! I will have something by tomorrow's end, and that dang thing will EXIST IN A VIEWABLE FORMAT soon. Peace!