All Those Teeth is out! Whoo! Party! (Then a Dark Turn into the Personal)

Post date: 31-Aug-2018 17:52:16

It's always a fun day to release an album or any other major project. The culmination of a year+ worth of work hitting home all at once is intoxicating. It's a good day. It's a celebration in your mind. YOU DID IT, YOU STUPID FUCKER! Well, that day was this past Sunday, and I didn't even make a post about it! I was too busy swimming in the high of a major project's release. Or maybe I was grading papers. Anyway.

You can listen to the whole thing on the youtubes for free 'cause I'm just generous like that:

You can buy it (or not, I'm not your dad) and support my constant efforts at various retailers like iTunes or Amazon or whatever. Google it.

I must say that it's super weird to Google myself (not figuratively, you dirty people) and actually get results. It makes all the screaming, crooning, pretending-I'm-good-at-guitaring, mixing, mastering, writing, tomfoolery, whimsical expression, arbitrary quality control, turning digital knobs, clicking and typing numbers, losing sleep, metacognition, research, approaching death, and generally making an ass of myself in my living room all worthwhile.

Shit happens in a human's life while developing a long project like this, and it often gets melded into the final product. For AMPU, I began raising my oldest daughter, changed jobs, and hit some hard times. I was also growing dissatisfied with the state of the world, my house, my life, lost faith in humanity and America, and so on and so forth. So PROTEST ALBUM! FUCK ALL THINGS! KILL GOD WITH MUSIC?! Then I shifted focus. During (ab)Useful's development, I went saw the birth of my son, a divorce, a huge loss in my time with my kids, a huge financial fiasco (FUBAR), and came out the other end a changed man in a bad situation. During the writing and recording of All Those Teeth, I went though my mother's death, a new relationship, two different housing situations, a dive into game development/coding, the birth of my youngest daughter (being a dad is fucking cool, and I love it), and General Disarray for you South Park fans. So, life sucks, get a fucking helmet, if I may quote Dennis Leary (God I'm old).

So, make noise, enjoy yourselves and your lives, 'cause there's only one go at the thing. If you took the time to pay any attention to my creative output, then you've done more for me than I've done for you. I say from the bottom of my black, dead, still-beating heart: Thank you. Just, thank you.