Started Working on Buildrunner!

Post date: 25-Jul-2018 22:58:20

I finally started working on learning the Godot engine and figuring out how to make the new game. The tentative title for the game is Buildrunner.

As I'm working on that, though, my daughter had an idea for a videogame that sounded pretty cool. Here's a screenshot showcasing how far we got on her game idea. I think it'll be a pretty cool little project, but I don't have enough knowledge yet to help her make the whole thing. It'll be a learning challenge for us both! She drew the visuals herself (background and cat in rad crayon). The blue blocks are platforms, and the cat can move around and jump on them currently.

She chose the following mechanics (without prompting, which was really cool):

1. Cat can walk, run, and jump.

2. Cat can get in a boat to go fishing with a fishing pole, catching fish if successful.

3. And here's where it gets fun: 3 pieces of a Day Scepter and 3 pieces of a Night Scepter (which are clearly way magical) are scattered around the world to be collected. What happens after that is not yet known.

So that's it! I still need to learn quite a bit before I can make any progress with either game, but I'm limbering up and getting ready to CODE IT UP.