Abby's Song Steam Greenlight Campaign Update: Day 16

Post date: 16-Aug-2016 21:16:44

Here's the breakdown of the Abby's Song Steam Greenlight campaign on day 16. In the past 2 weeks, we've had 150 new visitors to the greenlight page (thanks!) resulting in 21 new yes votes (double thanks!). The yes vote percentage seems locked in at 22%, which I'm still pretty happy about considering that this is the first game I've ever made. The number of followers has almost doubled (triple thanks!), so that's a good sign, too. Comments continue to be positive, and we continue to tackle updating the character animations in anticipation of a new trailer.

It seems that Abby's Song's journey through Steam Greenlight will be a long, slow one, but that is definitely not a problem for me. The game is finished overall, minus the tweaks we plan on making, and I'm happy to keep working to spread the word about the game. I'm also excited to begin my next game. I'm just in the idea stage for that right now, though. Anyway, thanks as always to anyone who believes in this project. Go vote please if you haven't already! Leave a comment! Anything helps. If you want to play the game for free right now, you totally can. It's on for free and has a Humble Page ($0.99 or Pay What You Want). Peace!