TDM in Paperback! Whoa, Nelly!

Post date: 11-Dec-2018 19:38:09

A big thanks to everyone who grabbed a Kindle copy already! The Discordianist Manifesto paperback edition is now available for anyone who don't muck around with eBooks. It is handsome and comes in a glossy golden cover and has blurbs on the back like what a real book has! My little Pinocchio doth transmute his old wood to new flesh (gross).

Grab a paperback edition with your gross, meaty hands!

Paperback Edition

So, let's all pull together and send me your money and make Eris proud and make TDM the best selling book of factual nonsense of all time because I didn't get a raise last year and my bills, man, my buffalo bills and the reason for the season is the gift that keeps on giving plus you can make copies and do whatever you want or even wait for the free PDF version once I can get around to making that a thing and then I'll work on my dystopian novel and just-a bunch-a random atoms smashin' into each other, so comment, like, and subscribe, now where's my Coke Zero(TM) I could have sworn I just had it?