A New Album

Post date: 27-Nov-2018 04:56:49

I've begun demo work on a new album of regular, normal rock music. Right now, I have 5 demos in various stages of writing which amounts to about 16 minutes of poorly wrought music. I think it's coming together well, and my writing process is drastically different from previous albums.

For one, I decided on song titles first. Locked in.

For two, I'm writing the music and lyrics at the same time for each track whereas I used to write all the music first, then come up with lyrics and ideas later on. This change has been refreshing and productive so far, and I'm excited to see what unusual results I get from this new approach.

I'm including more orchestra, piano, and other non-guitar instrumentation this time around, too. I think the added variety pushes me out of my comfort zone and creates sounds I wouldn't normally be capable of.

I'm experimenting with new vocal styles as well. This has been a huge challenge, as always. Partially because I'm not a very good singer, but also because attempting unfamiliar techniques comes with its own problems that are only solved through trial and error. I expect to need many more vocal takes than normal on this project, and that's okay with me.

It's an exciting time in OCL land. Peace!