OCL's Magnum Opus on the Next Album

Post date: 11-Jun-2014 08:42:54

Exciting times in OCL music! I am currently working on recording my MAGNUM FUCKING OPUS: a 9 minute, 49 second track of pure rage and gold and beauty entitled "Lender." I wrote it long ago (7 or 8 years ago), but only now do I have the knowledge and capability to record a version worth releasing. It is the best song I have ever written, and the best I'll likely ever write. This song-beast will appear on the new album for sure, and will likely be the closing track (not counting the new cover song I plan to record, which is always last). So, if you had any doubts about my variety, range, or ability, then this song should slaughter those doubts like fattened pigs. That said, it's not exactly what you might consider "heavy" in the traditional sense. It has heavy parts, but it also has soft floaty parts and creepy parts and all kinds of shit. But don't let that scare you, the rest of the record is full of brutal sounds if Lender turns out not to be your thing.

Other work on the album is going well, too, and I'm recording this one much faster than my first (I'm already around 50 minutes in with 10 songs as of this writing, so expect 60+ minutes with around 12 songs total). I'm bringing out some of my older songs and revamping them for this album, although no one would really know that but me and a few other people. But hey, I like to be transparent when I can. I have a clear thematic direction for this album, just like the first one, although I am departing from my "hate the government for fucking up royal" and instead embracing more personal issues this time. Maybe you'll learn something about how I think, maybe not. It doesn't really matter as long as the tunes DESTROY YOUR COLLECTIVE FACES RIGHT OFF. Either way don't worry, I'm not going to turn into a whiny crybaby on you guys and gals, because whiny crybaby-ness will make me hate a metal song in a nanosecond. Seriously, can't stand that shit. Those whiny bitches should know better. Gah.

Might be good to hear that, musically, this album is challenging me a bit, skill-wise. A More Perfect Union was more about the sounds of the songs regardless of technical skill, and that's how I usually write by default. But this new album features some pretty tricky guitar rhythms and faster tempos overall. To be fair, the skill involved probably won't blow your minds or challenge any long-held guitar achievements of the greats or anything, but it's definitely more skill-oriented than AMPU. Still, as you may already know, my main focus has been and always will be good writing and strange sounds, so technical skill be damned!

I'm also happy to announce (or re-announce if I've already mentioned this) that the new album will feature some pretty damn awesome guest talent as well. So far I have one guest vocalist on one song, and it's disgusting and creepy and huge. I'm also trying to get a pianist to help out, and I'm also getting drum advice from the best damn drummer in my city. Basically, I'm trying to branch out and improve every aspect of the music for this record. And that's all I got for now.