Things are improving!

Post date: 05-Aug-2015 00:48:31

I'm happy to see people watching my Rap God cover and the Bit Harvester music video (produced courtesy of the Albany Music Awards! Whoo!). Rap God will likely be the first video to break 100 views in nearly a year for me, with Bit Harvester close behind, which means that I must be doing something right again. If you want to help out the OCL cause then all you have to do is talk about my stuff! Spreading it around the web helps a lot, too, and I've noticed some of you doing just that. When I first started putting my creative work out into the world, I never imagined I would get the response I have over the past few years, so thank you! I hope to keep entertaining people in the months and years to come.

Short term, I have a more solid plan than I've had in quite awhile. Aside from (ab)Useful having an official release date and getting some machinima back into the mix, I have some very clear ideas about where to go next, and how long those creations might take. What does this mean for you, the savvy viewer? It means a more reliable release schedule, some blasts from the past, some new territory never explored in the OCL world, a new album, and who knows what else? It's a fine time to be back in business.