(ab)Useful Update!

Post date: 14-Feb-2015 23:36:36

(ab)Useful is almost complete! Here's the track rundown (still in alphabetical order though):

01. Alive and Dying (5:58)

02. Bitter (5:43)

03. Choke the Rose (5:30)

04. Infinite Red (3:09)

05. Inhuman feat. Ray Koefoed (4:24)

06. Lender (9:48)

07. Like You Never Were (5:37)

08. Not I (5:47)

09. Pawn Kills Rook (6:21)

10. Silhouette (4:03)

11. The Viper (5:29)

12. Sleepfire (3:44)

Total run-time: 65:33 (not including the cover, which I might not be able to do sadly)

You might notice a familiar name in there. Ray Koefoed, an amazing vocalist responsible for such tracks as "Sum of a Body" and "Taste the Cake" (among many others), has generously helped me out with vocals on "Inhuman," and I have to say, it turned out completely badass! Ray is a real professional and was an absolute pleasure to work with, even though we live a few hundred miles apart. He gets truly heavy for this song, and I think it really adds some awesome variety to the record. He also really helped me fine tune the lyrics, pointing out unnecessary repetitions and places I could tighten the word choice I had missed. As you probably already know, he's a pretty damn fine wordsmith. Thanks Ray!

I only have one track to finish mastering (Pawn Kills Rook). Then I have to decide the track order, and the album will be completely done. The next record will be quite different in tone and subject matter, so be ready for that! I'm easing back on the metal for the next one, which will be called "Phoenix Down." It'll be a collection of love songs that tells a story. Variety is the spice of life, so you can expect these kinds of musical detours from me.