New Demos Already? What?

Post date: 07-Jan-2014 02:35:52

So, I thought I was going to take a break from writing/recording music for awhile since I just completed a lengthy album (took 2.5 years to finish!). But alas, I am already messing around with new material. I'm not writing very seriously right now, of course. I have other things on my plate. Instead, I'm just taping whatever riffs come to mind and rerecording some older stuff that I plan to use for the next album. I have one demo almost complete. It's a slow, churning song that features one of my good friends who is lending his incredible voice to the track. I also have two more half-demos in the works, one pretty fast and complicated and the other a medium-paced chunk-fest. I have a decent idea of how the next album will shape up, so I want to warn you now that it won't be quite as fast or elaborate as "A More Perfect Union" is. It will be a little more personal, and a lot less political this time around. A little more...human, I think.

In any case, I'm not ready to release anything yet, even in rough form like I'm fond of doing. Instead, I will work on these ideas slowly and see what weird shit comes out. Once I have a few demos worth showcasing, I'll put something up. In the meantime, I'm still searching for metal bloggers and news sites willing to write about or review AMPU. I have one publisher one the line at the moment, but I'm really hoping to add more to that in the coming months. Thanks for all the support and keep fucking rocking!