Book Progress Updates (2022/08/12)

Well, hello there! I bring forth tidings and updates on my various writing projects today. Rejoice!

The Higher Law
The second draft of
The Higher Law is DONE. I'm currently waiting for feedback from my beta readers so I can patch up any plot holes or inconsistencies for the third draft. After that, it's line editing for the final draft before sending it off to agents! Exciting!

Live, Laugh, Die (previously Heartsblood)
The collection of love themed horror short stories is nearly complete. I have three stories to edit and one more to write. The final collection will have 20 stories and be about 200 pages long. I will be self-publishing this one, so I will let you all know when I have a release date for it. I changed the title to
Live, Laugh, Die both because I thought it was amusing and for SEO reasons. You wouldn't believe how many things are called some combination of "heart" and "blood" or something similar. I'm trying to be smarter than that, if I can.

The Lunar Door
While waiting on reader feedback for
The Higher Law, I began brainstorming new novel ideas. I wanted to try a more traditional fantasy this time since The Higher Law is pretty bizarre, so I took the Brandon Sanderson route: devise a (hopefully) interesting hard magic system and plan the worldbuilding and plot before drafting anything.

After 4 months of planning, I began writing the first draft a few days ago. I'm tracking my daily writing totals to keep myself motivated. I want to get this one done much more quickly this time (The Higher Law took 2 years and Live, Laugh, Die took 3 years, way too long!). So far, I'm averaging about ~950 words per day, which is much faster than the 145 words per day average I maintained while writing The Higher Law. At this rate, I can finish The Lunar Door in 4 or 5 months, assuming ~120,000 words. I'm trying to keep my novels under 400 pages.

Aaaaaand that's about it right now. I also have a TDM 3 slowly congealing like cranberry sauce left out overnight, but I'm not actively working on it. I'll write an article/essay/whatever when the mood strikes, though. It'll come out one day.

Thanks for stopping by once again. Stay safe and peace out!