The Discordianist Manifesto Kindle eBook Released!

Post date: 10-Dec-2018 00:20:31

Things happened much faster than I anticipated, and Amazon made the process quick and painless. The Discordianist Manifesto is now available on Kindle for $3.99. So, if you'd like to support my creative output, feel free to grab a copy and leave a review!

A real, physical, honest-to-jeez paperback edition ($9.99) will follow soon, and I will announce that when it comes. Check out the cover I designed last night at like 2:00 AM:

It continues to be an exciting time in OCL Land, and I can finally mark "publish a book" off my bucket list. Next year I will be focusing on finishing the dystopian novel I started last month and finishing Buildrunner (infinite runner game with a twist).

Until next time, peace!