New Demo Up!

Post date: 08-Apr-2012 13:05:48

Just wanted to let you all know that I've added a new demo track to my new album player in the music section. It's called "Giving Up" and I think it's frikkin' awesome! I honestly can't wait to record the vocals for both this one and "Slave." But I'm still in the writing/recording phase, so I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. Even though I recorded most of these songs in 2003-2004, I'm doing all I can to update them and make them better. This means I'm rewriting large portions of each song and coming up with all new lyrics in some cases. I want to capture the energy and vision I had but wasn't able to actually produce back then. After all, over the last 8-9 years I've learned a LOT about writing music, playing guitar, singing and recording and I want all of that to shine through on my first real musical effort. Once I'm finished recording I'm going to make the album available for download at a reasonable price and promote the hell out of it, mostly because I want my music to see a larger audience but also because I want to make a return on my investment (I'm still $32.55 down from my first 3 singles, which haven't done as well as I'd hoped). Even "Never Alone," which has seen an audience of about 30,000 viewers, hasn't performed the way I'd originally planned, so I'm hoping this full-length album of heavy-fuckin'-metal will recover me.

Let's face facts, having an actual band and playing live shows is a much more effective method of getting heard, but I don't have a band anymore, and I don't think I can find the right people in my little town. So, unless I move to a bigger city and form a real band, I'm doing this. With any luck, people will like what I'm doing.